Redmi 11 To Look Like iPhone 13 But Cost Less Than Thousand Yuan ($158)

The Redmi brand has been always launching cost-effective models. And after independence, this company doesn’t change its philosophy and designs handsets that stand out with their great price-over-performance ratio. In this sense, the forthcoming Redmi K50 lineup models will not differ from their predecessors. Moreover, they will be powered by more powerful hardware but still be priced cheap. We know that the series will include at least three flagship models – Redmi K50, Redmi K50 Pro, and the Redmi K50 e-sports variants. But today, we learned that the brand might include low-end models as well priced under 1000 yuan ($158). Seems there is nothing odd with this leak. But the thing is that the phone we are talking about will come with a mid-to-high-level configuration.

Redmi 11

According to reports, a Redmi phone code-named 2201116SC has been connected to the network. In other words, the company is testing it and soon we will see how it passes through various certifications. Interestingly, under the hood, the Redmi handset will carry a Snapdragon 690 processor and support 5G networks.

The biggest highlight of the machine is the built-in 5000mAh battery, and it also comes standard with a 67W fast charging solution. If these rumors are true, the Redmi phone will become the fastest charging smartphone in the thousand-yuan smartphone field.

As for the design, this new phone will sport a 120Hz center punched high refresh screen, and this screen design will also run through the entire 2022 Xiaomi mobile phone product line.

In addition, this new Redmi phone will adopt a right-angle frame design, similar to the current iPhone 13 and other models.

It is expected that the new phone may be similar to the Redmi Note 11 in the design of the back and is expected to be named Redmi 11.

Well, Redmi’s original series smartphones have been considered to be the cheapest smartphones on the market. All previous models from this family performed well on the market. So there is no reason to doubt the upcoming Redmi 11 will succeed as well. But if previously, Redmi has been the only brand with such an offer, we can’t say the same for the moment. We mean VIVO’s iQOO and OPPO’s Realme also design and launch similar models. So for Redmi, it will be quite difficult to achieve the same results as previously.


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