Redmi K50 E-Sports Version To Use Ultra-Wideband X-axis Linear Motor CyberEngine

Today, AAC Technology released the ultra-wideband X-axis linear motor CyberEngine. The latter has the characteristics of ultra-wideband, ultra-strong vibration, ultra-power saving, ultra-quiet, and ultra-comfortable. At the same time, Redmi officially announced that the Redmi K50 e-sports will launch the world’s first CyberEngine ultra-wideband motor, codenamed 1016.

According to Redmi, this may also be the only Android smartphone with such a vibration experience that is comparable to the iPhone.

Redmi K50 e-sports

In terms of performance, the ultra-wideband X-axis linear motor CyberEngine is manufactured through RichTap advanced hardware process manufacturing and precise software algorithm tuning. So it can achieve an effective frequency bandwidth of 50~500Hz and a steady-state vibration of 1.1Grms. The resonant frequency is 130Hz, and the start-stop minimum time is 5ms. Also, the minimum noise is 33dBA, and the large volume of 560 cubic millimeters can bring multi-level vibration.

This motor mainly has the following characteristics:

  • May have the largest size, maximum vibration, and widest frequency in the Android camp;
  • Customized for future gamepads and metaverse devices;
  • The amazing size of 560mm³;
  • 50Hz-500Hz ultra-wide frequency;
  • Android’s only 130Hz resonant frequency, comparable to iPhone;
  • Steady-state vibration is 3 times that of common 0809 motors.

The ultra-wideband X-axis linear motor CyberEngine can be used in smartphones, gamepads, car large screens and VR virtual glasses, and other devices. The 1.6:1 aspect ratio design can take into account space utilization and reliability, that is, better tucked into the phone. If this motor with a volume of 560mm³ is in a smartphone, it will be the largest X-axis linear motor in the current Android camp.

Xiaomi has announced that the Redmi K50 series will arrive next month and will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, dual VC cooling, 120W fast charging, ultra-wideband motors, and more. Due to the self-developed battery chip, the 4700mAh battery inside will be charged in 17 minutes.

The aforementioned 4700mAh + 120W is the new technology of the company. As you remember, just recently, the manufacturer announced its third chip, the Surge P1, which is a battery chip and ensures a fast-charging capability. It can charge the phone’s battery in only 17 minutes. This is way faster than that of the previous Redmi Note 11 series.

However, we should note that the Redmi K50 e-sports version will differ from the vanilla version. Thus, not all of its features could be found on the original K50.


Redmi K50 e-sports

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