Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro’s Surge P1 Chip Is Huge Breakthrough

Surge P1

The Xiaomi Mi 12 series is already out. It includes a few models. Apart from the vanilla version, there is also the Pro, Ultra, 12X, and other versions. However, among them, we should mention the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro, which supports 120W fast charging. But what’s more intriguing, this handset debuts Xiaomi’s in-house Surge P1 battery chip. Due to the latter, Xiaomi could provide a single-cell 120W fast charging and become the first in the industry.

Today, when Lu Weibing reposted Xiaomi Mobile’s promotional video. He also added a comment, saying “The Surge P1 single-cell 120W charging chip is a huge technological breakthrough in the fast charging industry, which solves several major contradictions of fast charging: This leads to a small battery capacity – decreasing the battery capacity will lead to a decrease in thickness. Of course, we are looking forward to a major breakthrough in battery materials.”

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According to the official introduction, the research and development of Surge P1 took 18 months. Also, the four major R&D centers worked together to achieve such results. Xiaomi spent over 100 million yuan ($16 million) on this project.

In addition, under the blessing of Surge P1, the 120W fast charge of Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro also realizes two adjustable modes. The temperature of fast charge in low-temperature mode is only 37℃, which is as comfortable as body temperature; it only takes a cup of coffee to recharge the battery and quickly restore blood.

Xiaomi said that as the industry’s first resonant charging chip, the Surge P1 has a 4:1 ultra-high efficiency architecture with adaptive switching frequency. The efficiency of the resonant topology is as high as 97.5%; the efficiency of the non-resonant topology is 96.8%; the heat loss has plummeted by 30%. (If you are interested in technical details, how this technology works, follow the link.)

In terms of security, Xiaomi has also incorporated a more complete protection strategy. Compared with the previous generation of second charging technology, which supports 34 levels of security protection, the Surge P1’s second charging technology has been upgraded to 42 levels of security protection and has obtained the TÜV Rheinland Security Fast Charging System 3.0 certification.

Xiaomi also revealed that the next-generation fast charging technology will of course be faster. It will not only provide fast charging but also it will achieve the best balance between temperature and battery life, giving users a better charging experience.

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