Xiaomi and OPPO To Launch 200W Fast Charging Phones This Year

Maybe you won’t believe but the fact is the Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones are stuck at 25W charging speed. This is awkward as most of the flagship phones support 50W or higher charging solutions. But if you think the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 will solve this problem, you are confused. Yesterday, we learned that the Ultra model will reach only 45W charging. Of course, it’s almost twice higher than that of the previous S series but it’s not sufficient. However, Samsung has its own reasons for this – the Korean company has been very careful when it came to batteries and charging after the incident with the Note 7. But this is Samsung. What about other brands? Many of them have already reached unprecedented heights. Say, OPPO and Xiaomi are already experimenting with 200W charging solutions and are likely to commercialize it as soon as this year.

When talking about fast charging solutions, there are many companies that have already managed to specialize in this. Apart from, Xiaomi, OPPO, or iQOO, even Infinix knows how to solve this problem. Prior to this, the latter demoed a 160W fast charging technology; Xiaomi showed its own 200W HyperCharge solution; the upcoming Red Magic gaming phone will support 165W charging. Many users have been thinking fast charging is not safe and it will make the battery life shorter. But all the mentioned companies understand this better than we and have thought about how to bring protection measures as well.

Yesterday, a Weibo blogger tipped that Xiaomi and OPPO are experimenting with the 200W fast charging solution. Also, we learned that both are going to bring the solutions to the market soon. In other words, the next flagship phones from these brands are likely to support 200W charging.

As for Xiaomi, we knew about it long ago. Last year, it demonstrated its own solution on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. At that time, we saw that the solution makes the 4000mAh battery gets fully charged in 8 minutes. It just took 3 minutes to get to 50% and 44 seconds to get to 10%.

For the moment, there is no official statement saying when these two will bring the 200W charging technology to the market but we guess it will happen in the second quarter of the year.

Lastly, OPPO has started mass producing the 125W wired fast charging technology much earlier. It has been testing the technology with dual-cell batteries and implementing smart charging technology with the help of battery safety detection chips. So its movements in this field are also logical and expected.

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