Lenovo Legion Y90 Got 3C Certification, Hinting At Imminent Launch

Lenovo Legion Y90

With the launch of a number of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 flagship phones, gaming phones on this new platform are also on the road. One of them is going to be the Lenovo Legion Y90.

We have already managed to get a number of leaks concerning the features and the appearance of the forthcoming Lenovo gaming smartphone. But today, the phone has finally officially obtained the Chinese 3C certification. According to the information, the handset will support a 68W fast charging solution. Thus, we are dealing with the fastest charging Lenovo flagship phone.

Previously, we learned that the official name of Lenovo Legion Y90 is “Legion Y90 dual-engine air-cooled gaming mobile phone”. The front of the machine carries a 6.92-inch AMOLED screen, made of E4 material, and supports a 144Hz refresh rate and 720Hz touch sampling rate. Each mobile phone is independently color calibrated and has blue light protection/eye protection certification.

It is worth mentioning that the screen of Lenovo Legion Y90 adopts a full-screen design with no opening. There are some borders on the upper and lower sides. Although the screen ratio will decrease, it will provide a better game experience when holding horizontally.

In addition, it is not difficult to guess from the “dual-engine air cooling” name that the machine has built-in dual cooling fans. It is similar to the “dual turbo fan supercharged liquid cooling system” of the previously released Legion e-sports mobile phone 2 Pro, which should be the latter’s upgraded version. So we know that such an approach ensures rapid heating reduction from the middle to both sides.

Such a powerful cooling system is also very good in suppressing the heat of the Snapdragon 8 platform. Previously, Lenovo Product Director said when preheating the machine, after playing a 20-minute 122-frame game, the phone temperature was 38.9 degrees. Moreover, the hottest part of the handset was 38℃ after playing Honor of Kings in the 90Hz mode for 30 minutes.

As for design, the Lenovo Legion Y90 will come with a flat-screen design with rounded corners that also will have slim bezels on the top. The selfie shooter is on the right side of the earpiece. The rear camera is in the center. It comes with a huge island housing flash, sensors, and Y-shaped light. There are also antenna lines on the frames. So there is every reason to think its housing is made of metal.


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