TikTok is cheering for this tiny and cute projector – And so will you.

While Mariah Carey’s song ‘All I want for Christmas is You‘ starts being played all over the globe, we’re being massively targeted with deals and promotions right on time for Holidays Seasons.

TikTok’s been playing a stronger role in my quest for fresh and trendy products and I recently discovered a tiny and cute projector, named Heyup Boxe. Published by TikTok creator Museecoco, the original video gathered so far over 810,000 views and 74,400 likes, during which she introduced all the top features of Boxe. Below is a Youtube version:

Recently launched via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, Heyup Boxe successfully completed its initial goal by 2,200%. The adorable, mini and portable Boxe invites parents, friends, couples, and children to enjoy watching special moments including family photo albums; video collections of trips, birthdays, and wedding memories. No matter the size of the room. Plus, Boxe includes accessories including a versatile tripod that ensures quality and stable projection while watching your favorite movies or tv shows in 4K. Accessories are optional based on convenience and preferences. Boxe aims to provide family members with everything they need to watch movies.

Heyup Boxe features a variety of wireless connectivity options like WiFi, Bluetooth, and Screen Mirroring via Airplay. Quick and easy wireless connections with your laptop, mobile phone, or Bluetooth speaker; contribute to increasing the efficiency and flexibility of your entertainment with more access and opportunities. It’s also simple for users to install and update at any time.

With its built-in 7,800 mAh battery, Heyup Boxe can be carried everywhere, so you can enjoy binge-watching your favorite shows outside.

To grab one of those, we invite you to visit the Kickstarter page as well as Heyup official website, on which Boxe will be officially released.


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